SSH Tester was created by professionals from across several countries who have been in the security, IT and software development industry for many decades. The SSH Tester team has been heavily involved in the SSH industry since its creation in 1995. We have seen many different algorithms, MACS, and ciphers be created and eventually deemed insecure. Along with that, we have seen many SSH products not update their algorithms to the modern standard.

Security for valuable and sensitive data is imperative. What’s worse than no security? A false sense of security.

We created this tool to help you determine if your SSH Server and SSH Clients give you REAL security or a FALSE SENSE of security.

We have heavily researched every algorithm, MAC and cipher to create this tool for you – for free.

This easy to use tool is very accurate and in-depth. It can be used to analyze the security of your SSH connection on the server side and the client side.