About SSH Tester

It is important to understand that not all SSH Clients and Servers are the same. While features and description rhetoric may sound similar, there are some very distinct differences to be aware of.

Here’s why:

SSH was designed in 1995 as a way to transfer data securely. SSH uses an encrypted format to send data over a secure channel. It provides strong authentication and secures encrypted data communications between computers of an insecure network. SSH provides a way for secure remote login, and protects the communications security and integrity with strong encryption.

When SSH was created in 1995, the algorithms that were used were state of the art. Since then, as computer advances and hackers became more knowledgeable, vulnerabilities in the original algorithms appeared. SSH2 was launched in 2006 with updated algorithms as well as feature improvements.

But still, as computer power increases and decryption techniques advances, many SSH algorithms are no longer secure.

For this reason, not all SSH products and implementations are equally secure. Some still use the initial algorithms referenced in RFC 4252. These 11-year-old algorithms, once state-of-the-art, are simply outdated, dangerous to use and unfit for commercial deployment. Nothing can replace due diligence and software updates.

Be aware - many SSH protocols use old and deprecated ciphers, making the SSH old and outdated. This will give you a false sense of security – you assume you are being proactive and using SSH to secure your data, but in reality, you are using easily hacked algorithms and sending all of your sensitive data over a non-secure network.

Before downloading ANY SSH Server, question which ciphers are being used and ensure that they are using current encryption algorithms. Having “SSH” in the name is NOT enough. Technological advances each year can make algorithms that used to be safe, not safe anymore. You need to use the most current encryption algorithms, and you need to download your SSH Server and Client from a company that constantly updates their algorithms.

Is my SSH Server/Client Safe?
How are users to determine if an SSH Client/Server is secure and using updated algorithms, or insecure and using outdated algorithms?
That’s why we created SSH Tester. If you are using SSH, security is important to you. Avoid a false sense of security, and test your SSH Server/Client to determine its strength.