Not all SSH Algorithms are the same. Is your SSH Client and Server using current and safe algorithms? Or are the algorithms old and easily hacked? The SSH Report Card will test for Host Keys Algorithms, HEX, Ciphers, MACS, and give your SSH a final grade.

Is your SSH Server or Client ACTUALLY safe and secure?

The answer is in this FREE test


Get a complete list of the Algorithms for each category and their rating. Protect your sensitive data - Ensure that you are using the safest algorithms for your SSH Server and Clients. Find out if your algorithms are Safe, Unsafe, Questionable, Not Researched, or Conditionally OK.

Complete Details:

Run SSH Algorithm Analysis of a SSH Client. Get a list of the algorithms your SSH Client is able to negotiate. A report card is also generated indicating the safety of the algorithms that the client has available. Grades can be subjective however, to keep clear of ambiguities to get a SAFE algorithm grade means that in each of the tested categories your client offers (among others) the known and accepted algorithms (or combinations) deemed to be safe at this time.